Kick-Arounds & Tryouts

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NOTICE: 2021 Regarding Kick-Arounds for Spring, ID Camps, Academy Sessions, or whatever creative names that clubs make up for any session held prior to your District’s official tryout date. As of August 1st, 2017 the MYSA Board adopted a change that allowed participation in organized activities within other clubs. This allows advertising of these sessions to the general public and for a player to attend and be given general information about the club and its programming. This is done without the need for a signed Permission To Participate document. Recruiting Rules still apply if your unsure visit the MYSA website to be clear!

REAL WC – C.F.C. will be holding “Kickarounds” for various teams throughout May, summer, fall & winter. Please refer to the information below on those times and locations for each team. Restricted tryouts are allowed during the seasonal year to form teams to play League or a Cup competition in the current seasonal year or to add players to a team’s League or Cup competition roster. Players that are presently rostered to two (2) competitive teams may not be solicited, recruited, attend or participate in a “Restricted Tryout”. Late tryouts please contact the coach.

All TRYOUTS begin June 12, 2021. OPEN CONTACT PERIOD: Our district will again observe an open contact period from Sunday, June 6th, 2021 through the start of tryouts. During this time, a player may attend an organized activity with another team or club WITHOUT the need for any permission from a current club/team/coach.


REAL WC C.F.C. can roster their returning players as of June 6th, 2021.

You could also send the following information (Name, Phone #, DOB) to and we will get you in touch with the correct coaches for that age group or call 314-610-3776.