REAL WC C.F.C. – 2010 Pride

We welcome you to the PRIDE of C.F.C. based in O’Fallon, MO. This group of talented athletes has been together for many years. They have enjoyed success on the field but more importantly, continue to develop and have deeply routed friendships that push them to get better for each other. The Pride is led by Josh Holl and Tim Curran. This team currently trains two days a week at CarShield Field in O’Fallon, MO for an hour with an additional speed and agility session with Coach Christie. 

Due to their success on the field, this undefeated Division 2 team is moving up to Division 1 in the fall. 

The Pride are seeking 1-2 2010 players that are ready to compete, have fun while developing both individual technical skills and the knowledge of the tactical game. Contact Coach Josh at or his cell (314) 629-6400 for kickaround information or click on Tryouts/Kickaround tab on this website. 


Coach: Josh Holl
Cell: (314) 629-6400