REAL WC C.F.C. – 2011 Reign

Welcome to the the Reign.

Nationally licensed and proven premier level coach Brian Long is expanding the 2011 girls’ program at REAL WC C.F.C.   Brian has two additional teams, the 2011 and 2012 Courage. While this team is new, it won’t be players just beginning their soccer journey. It will be built on players that have competed at various team levels that seek to further their individual development and learn the game. Players that want more than that they are currently gaining from their team and coach. We will be a team that learns how to properly build out of the back but recognizes situations to attack direct. A team that understands both individual and team defense is important.  A team that will strive to compete to win but not at the sacrifice of player development.  Your daughter will learn in a safe and engaging environment which stresses the importance of loving the game. She will be pushed to maximize her physical mental understanding of the game to make her the best she may become.

For more information about the coach or kickaround information please contact Brian at (636) 352-5226 or email at

Coach: Brian Long
USSF D License
Cell: 636.352.5226